Agriculture, cattle breeding, food industry

Ukraine, a country of 46 million inhabitants and an area of more than 600 000 km2, has been always considered as the breadbasket of Europe with high growth potential (by transfer of technologies and product performance, development of livestock breeding, optimizing food processing, funding), especially since many areas of the country benefit from the perfect agriculture soil called "chernozem" as well as large areas still available for agricultural production (41M ha of UAA  which 26M hectares cultivated only).

The agriculture and food sector remains the largest contributor in the value added of the Ukrainian economy, providing 17% of GDP.

BETEN has developed over 20 years in Ukraine and France know-how in the fields of conventional and organic farming, livestock and agribusiness. Benefiting from double culture and being in constant contact with stakeholders in both countries, we can put you in touch with the right people and organize exchanges in the framework of your projects.

For that BETEN proposes the following services:

  • Missions of technical assistance and market studies
  • Targeted professional visits
  • Cereals
  • Cattle breeding
  • Food industry
  • Energy
  • Wine making


  • Searching of reliable clients for transfer of technilogies:
  • Support in setting up of projects (renovation of farms and agribusinesses, installation of ventilation / heating, cogeneration, etc.).
  • Organization of audits (technical, economic) and consulting (line breeding, crop, optimization of food processing units, energy savings, staff training, etc.)
  • Coordination of feasibility studies
  • Support in setting up of projects (renovation of farms and agribusinesses, installation of ventilation/heating, cogeneration, etc.).


  • Commercial representation/searching of commercial partners


  • Missions of specialized consulting:
  • Support in commercialization of animal genetic (animal semen and live pure race animals)
  • Search of Ukrainian clients
  • Coordination with local actors
  • Obtaining of import authorizations
  • Organization of study tours


  • Support for purchase/sale of agriculture farms 
  • Visit of farms
  • Technical, accounting and legal audits
  • Elaboration and negotiation of sale contracts
  • Legal monitoring    


  • Import of agricultural machines and production or food processing lines


  • Financial and legal follow up and support of the projects


  • Search of sources of funding for projects


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