BETEN offers practical and applicable solutions to help you to manage some areas of interaction between humans and the environment. On the market of Western Europe, we are at the forefront of new technologies and often develop methodological references for new problems that appear while the progress of our knowledge about the environment. On the market of Eastern Europe, we strive to offer financially bearable methods and techniques to catch up the enormous lagging accumulated during a century.


In the East European countries, the priority is to restore the service, knowing that today it serves to only 30 to 50% of the population in the country. The rest pollutes the atmosphere, water resources, soils.

Collection techniques

We have developed the collection techniques adapted to climatic conditions and state of the roads. 

We assist municipal enterprises for their modernization and integrating modern methods of logistics, organization, human resources management, investment management.

We help regions to develop regional strategic plans for waste management in cities and to prepare municipal action plans.

Sanitary landfill

According to Western standards a landfill is the cheapest solution to protect the environment from pollution created by waste. Its cost is now available according to fees paid by residents. Finally, biogas from the waste fermentation represents a highly profitable alternative energy source.

Our teams can handle all phases to build these landfills: site research, technical feasibility studies, transfer scheme to connect the cities concerned, impact studies, preliminary design studies, construction, management of construction, assistance with project management, etc.

Selective collection and recycling

In the East European countries, the economic conditions have improved sufficiently to consider selective collection, on the one hand, recyclable waste, on the other hand, the waste that should be treated appropriately.

The success of a selective collection of recyclable packaging is based on the preparation of the residents concerned. Our teams assist the municipalities seeking to implement these collections by organizing communication with residents and helping to organize the logistics of collection.

We also begin to help authorities to establish channels for collecting and processing green waste, tires, “monsters” (furniture, major appliances), batteries, medicines, household toxic waste.



There exist thousands of industrial wastes and we can say that virtually each factory has its specific waste. We help companies to find solutions for re-use, recycling, recovery or processing of these wastes, which protect the environment but which are the cheapest possible. We can develop specific processes in partnership with our network that brings together many science centers and technology providers worldwide.

In the East European countries, we assist the authorities to implement the policies for feasible and effective industrial waste management.



For twenty years we are responsible for finding solutions to characterize and to treat potentially contaminated sites. We have developed diagnostic techniques for modeling groundwater and surface pollution. We also helped to develop processing solutions to contaminated land.

In the East European countries, we offer companies that want to establish their activities an inventory for surface and groundwater contamination investigation (due diligence) before any purchase of land or industrial site to avoid bad surprises.



Many industrial processes have been designed at a time when the water seemed to be limitless and free. There are many savings to be made in this area.

We offer to industrials our methods to completely review the use of water in the plant by redefining the quality of water needed for each point of consumption, promoting the re-use of water from one station to another, and globalizing needs. Naturally, we also work for the purification of industrial wastewater before discharge.



We were originally studying the health impact of classified installations for the environmental protection. For fifteen years we have developed methods to assess this impact.

We carry out such studies for companies and communities.







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