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Coming to the end of a long period of stagnation caused by the global financial crisis, the recovery of real estate related to the general economic recovery is in the air in Ukraine. Active position of traders, the trend already set to higher rental rates and improving consumer sentiment of the population are compelling evidence of improved property market.

Let’s mention also the adoption of the Law of Ukraine "On the regulation of urban development," which significantly reduces the delay in obtaining the necessary decisions for the start of construction, as well as the number of authorization procedures. In addition, the IMF expects a GDP growth of 4.5% in Ukraine in 2011, which is also an incentive to invest.

Our experience in the construction, renovation and leasing of office space and accommodation, as well as agricultural land and the purchase/sale of real estate, gives us the opportunity to offer to the investors and developers a support at all stages of project development in the real estate sector in Ukraine, with a strong security commitment.


  Conventional energy (oil, gas) are limited on earth, and their prices will continue to increase in coming years. Alternative energy (wind, solar, biomass, biogas) are becoming increasingly accessible through technological developments in this area. But their cost remains high. Therefore, it is important now to consider the establishment and/or renovation of buildings according to the concept which increases energy efficiency and energy savings.

BETEN proposes the preliminary general audit encompassing different parameters as follows:

  • Quality of the construction and its insulation
  • Heat production 
  • Efficiency of heating, ventilation, acclimatization, cooling installations
  • Heat recuperation systems, water and electricity savingп.

Analysis of energy production installations: 

  • Improvement or replacement of existing equipment
  • Analysis of interest of use of renewable energies: biomass, biogas, wind, solar, geothermal

Energy performance diagnostic (EPD):

  • Site visit and collection of data (bills, measurements) 
  • Data processing by EPD or other methodologyп.;
  • Proposal of solutions for energy and money saving, CO2 reduction and waste management
  • Calculation of investments, financial gains and investments payback
  • Follow up of performances after implementation of proposals

Concept of the building with low energy consumption passive or positive (from 0 to 120 kwh/m2/year) with involvement of experts in each field:

  • Analysis of project and of its siting
  • оценка программы, генплана и условий месторасположения;
  • Evaluation of the program, general plan and site restrictions
  • Definition of energy objectives (winter consumption and summer comfort)
  • Elaboration of the energy terms of reference and choice of consumption level
  • Dynamic thermal modeling of buildings 
  • Studies on technical solutions for heating, air conditioning, electricity
  • Selection of suppliers (quality, cost, terms of delivery)
  • Supervision of implementation and control of conformity of performances
  • Follow up of the warranty period and verification measurements campaign

Sustainable quality certification LEED or BREEAM with participation of our partners:

/sites/default/files/image/1460_fp367538_medium1.jpg  /sites/default/files/image/twin-eco-towers-abu-dhabi-1.jpg
  • Choice of applicable certification system
  • Ecological consulting, making the object compliant with the target level of certification, preparation and submission of required documents to the certifying organism


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We offer to any professional envisaging coming to Ukraine for a short or long period:

  • Furnished or not furnished accommodations for the whole stay
  • Searching of ideal solution to locate the activity of an enterprise 


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You own a property in Ukraine or you want to sell your property, we have the opportunity to accompany you along the whole post-negotiation process:

  • Search and visit of existing offers
  • Management of the signing of rent contracts, followed by payments of rent and charges due, management of the owner paying taxes on rental income, intervention for any problem related to the property, monitoring the work if necessary, representation of your interests before all third parties
  • Search of sources of funding


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For property owners in Ukraine, we offer a personal approach to ensure management services and improve the profitability of your property: search of the lessee, organization and carrying out of negotiations on the signing of contracts, monitoring the timely payment of rent and utilities, presence in every case of problem with the property, if necessary, monitoring of implementation of repair works, representing the interests of the owner in all public and private structures.


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We organize the teams of professional in all domains for refurbishment all types of constructions according to European standards. Monitoring, management and final acceptance of works are included in our service.


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  • Multifunctional center «Galerie Honoré de BALZAC», Berditchev, Oblast of Zhitomir 
  • Velykomikhaïlovskiy canning factory, Velikaïa Mikhaïlovka Oblast of Odessa
  • Hotel center, Sebastopol, Crimea
  • Flour mill in Kiev region

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  • USD = 1.19
  • RUB = 74.26



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