Renewable Energy

Energy independence and respect for the environment are today priority challenges for most of European countries. Ukraine, with its 46 million of population, has one of the largest energy markets in the world. Since 1 April 2009, this country has made the law on the green tariff which is one of the best in Europe and covers all renewable energies.

With its experience in the field of engineering, BETEN takes the challenge of this transition in co-developing projects in green energy in wind, solar, mini hydro and biomass, and supporting locally and practically application of the Kyoto Protocol mechanism in Ukraine. BETEN is also a member of European organizations such as ADEME, EWEA and the EBA.

Investors specialized in eco-projects or industrial companies wishing to diversify their activities, BETEN supports its Clients at different levels in this booming sector. Our company offers the following services in the Eastern European countries:

  • selection of sites adapted to your expectations
  • analysis of the resource (wind and installation of wind measurement mast, measurement of solar radiation if necessary, really existing capacities and opportunities and biomass/biogas samples if required, diagnostic of hydro sites)
  • environmental impact studies according to European and Ukrainian standards
  • land management study
  • coordination of studies and local sub-contractors, getting of necessary authorizations
  • Financial services for resale of construction site (building permit, turnkey contract) or for fund raising to finance the construction
  • Legal services required during all the development phase


Ukraine has several regions with high wind potential with winds exceeding 6.5m/s. The estimated development capacity in this country is up to 5GW by 2020.
BETEN, after having identified the best sites, is actually carrying out development studies for wind farms of several hundred of MW.


Ukraine has regions with high solar potential with annual solar radiation over 1380kWh/m2. The new tariff of the Ukrainian law on green energy released in June 2009 is particularly attractive for solar electricity.
BETEN, on behalf of developers, industrial partners and investors, is now involved in implementing of large-scale solar power farms.


Ukraine has abundant biomass resources due to very important agricultural production and rarely valued domestic, agricultural and industrial waste.
Ukrainian government supports use of biomass in heating and BETEN actively participates in meetings with financial institutions which are in the source of funding of most of the projects. Production and trade of pellets/briquettes are also promising and BETEN can also assist you in developing your projects in Ukraine and selling your products abroad.

In terms of biogas, the project opportunities are set at two levels:

  • -    Production of energy using the biogas from municipal waste landfills, including three dozens of landfills servicing many hundreds of thousands of inhabitants.
  • -    Production of energy using the biogas from cattle breeding effluents possible in agro holdings with intensive breeding and hundreds of thousands head of cattle.  

The biomass projects have already their feed-in green tariff for electricity although the biogas tariff is being considered by the Ukrainian Parliament.


During the Soviet era Ukraine have had hundreds of operating mini hydro (<10MW) power stations. Most of these plants have been destroyed or abandoned and are to rebuild or renovate. Already more than twenty projects benefit from the green tariff in Ukraine which is investor-friendly and makes profitable implementation of the projects.

BETEN proposes to owners of these State-owned or private plants and to French operators in this sector to renovate and rebuild them, or to build new ones.


To mitigate current global warming, the Kyoto Protocol encourages the limitation of emissions of greenhouse gas into the environment. In Ukraine, the mechanism in place is the Joint Implementation (JI), which allows developing countries to change their emission reductions to the companies that signed the Protocol against payable emission reduction units.

BETEN is working on the implementation of this mechanism on the recovery of methane emissions from coal mines in the Eastern Ukraine. Other applications are possible such as for landfills of domestic waste (methane recovery), for coke works (CO2 emissions), and for all renewable energy projects (wind, biomass) coming to replace the fossil fuels: oil, gas and coal.

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