/commemoration of 220th Birth Anniversary of Honoré de Balzac /


Ukraine: Berdytchiv, Verkhivnya, Kyiv, other cities.

France: Paris, Tours

WHEN : 2019

PROJECT PURPOSE: highlighting of the cultural heritage of Honoré de Balzac and Evelina Hanska who got married in Berdychiv and were living in the Verkhivnia estate (Zhitomir region)



  • Competition under the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture of Ukraine on the theme “Balzac as seen by Ukrainians” and exhibition of the realized works (Kiev, Lviv, Kharkiv and other cities of Ukraine)
  • Literary and Scientific Conference (with philosophical and historical sections / Berdychiv)
  • Spectacle on Balzac’s stay in Ukraine “The wolfs’ games of the Balzac age” / Neda Nejdana and Oleg Mikolaytchuk; Berdychiv, Kyiv)
  • Cinematographic screening on Balzac (Kyiv, Berdychiv)
  • Exhibition “Balzac’s life and work” (Kyiv, Berdychiv, Verkhivnia, Tours, Paris)
  • Competition of drawings / illustrations / comics among schoolchildren (interpretation of the characters of the “Human Comedy”, Kyiv, Berdychiv)
  • Organization of thematic evenings (e.g., “Ukraine seen by Balzac”) with the degustation of the café “à la Balzac” (Berdychiv, Verkhivnia)
  • Making a graffiti on the facade of a building (e.g., painting representing Balzac and Hanska, Berdychiv)
  • Concert of classical music of the Balzac’s period (open-air concert / composers contemporaries of Balzac, Berdychiv, Kyiv, Verkhivnia)
  • Start of the project of the Verkhivnya estate rehabilitation (establishment of a bust of Balzac, events on the territory of the estate, installation of a commemorative plaque and information panels leading to the estate where Balzac wrote the part of the “Human Comedy”)



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