The challenges of the contemporary world require sophisticated and complex solutions. As a consultancy and an environmental engineering enterprise, BETEN INGENIERIE is an eco-company that bases its policy on the principles of sustainable development and opts for an integrated approach that ensures a harmonious interaction between business, on the one hand, and the natural, cultural and social environment, on the other.

Professional wellbeing

BETEN INGENIERIE creates favorable conditions for the professional, social and personal development of its employees. With a global vision and a pluralism of opinions viewed as our priorities, we support and encourage the cultural diversity and multilingualism of our international team. BETEN INGENIERIE recognizes the uniqueness and value of every employee, their right to personal professional expression (self-realization) and respect for the individual, regardless of age, gender, physical characteristics and personal preferences.

Environmental impact

Observing the principles of sustainable development, BETEN INGENIERIE moves in the direction towards ecologically neutral work processes. In order to minimize the environmental impact, the company reduces its paper flow, uses recyclable materials, treats waste responsibly, optimizes energy efficiency and water consumption, avoids the use of fossil fuel-burning vehicles, unless it is absolutely necessary, as well as sticks to the values of moderate and sustainable consumption, communicating these principles to the general public. In order to promote environmental culture, BETEN INGENIERIE launches and supports social projects aimed at protecting the environment.

Public commitment

In conjunction with the local, regional or national authorities of the countries where it operates, BETEN INGENIERIE provides regular support to the population through non-profit organizations, whose activity is aimed at maintaining the values of harmonious human activity in the environmental, cultural and social space.

Balzac-Hańska Association

Created to perpetuate, celebrate and pay tribute to the love of Honoré de Balzac and Countess Eveline Hańska, the Ukrainian association aims to preserve and disseminate the cultural heritage of the French writer as well as strengthen cross-cultural bonds between Ukraine and France.

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Lions Club Kiev Ecology

Lions Club Kiev Ecology is part of the world's largest network of world-renowned service clubs, Lions Clubs International, and directs its efforts towards addressing the challenges of childhood cancer, solving vision problems and supporting various environmental and cultural initiatives.

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