BETEN International and decentralized cooperation

The manor of Verhivnia (Ukraine) and the castle of Saché (France)
The manor of Verhivnia (Ukraine) and the castle of Saché (France)

For more than 25 years BETEN International company has been present in Ukraine, contributing to the development of cooperation between France and Ukraine and to the strengthening of partnerships between French and Ukrainian cities.

BETEN works with several Ukrainian municipalities by carrying out for them projects in the fields of energy, agriculture, environment, biodiversity and culture that improve the economic, social and environmental situation of municipalities concerned.

For Mariupol, easternmost city of Europe, BETEN carries out projects in the fields of water and waste in cooperation with the French unions RES’EAU (water) and SYVEDAC (waste) and the French company AQUALTER (production of drinking water and wastewater treatment). Another project relating to the waterfront development is also considered with Mariupol city and the public interest group of New-Aquitaine.

In Cherkassy, BETEN carried out a waste characterization project and is preparing the implementation of waste sorting by organizing, inter alia, awareness raising events among the population.

Moreover, in the field of biodiversity and rural development, the company considers a future decentralized cooperation project between Shatsky Park (Volyn region) and the Landes regional natural park (New-Aquitaine region).

Finally, BETEN International carries out cultural projects of decentralized cooperation. These include the opening in April 2018 of Balzac Cultural and Social Center in Berdychiv (Zhytomyr region in Ukraine) and the preparation of the commemoration of the 220th anniversary of the birth of Balzac (Balzac-220) to be held in 2019. For this last project, BETEN seeks to develop the cooperation between Tours city (Balzac’s birthplace) and Berdychiv city (where Balzac married Mrs. Hanska) and the partnership between the castle of Saché (Balzac’s place of residence) and the manor of Verhivnia (Mrs. Hanska’s place of residence).

All these actions of BETEN International aim to enhance the decentralized cooperation between two countries by contributing to the development of cities and to the well-being of their populations.

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