Mobilization to address the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic

Since January, the whole of Europe has been facing a new coronavirus identified for the first time in China, in the city of Wuhan (Hubei province). Along with Italy, Spain and Germany, France is among the European countries most affected by this virus which causes the infectious respiratory disease COVID-19.

In the face of this health crisis, France has taken emergency measures to stop the spread of the virus: confinement, travel ban (apart from some exceptional cases), closure of non-essential to life places (cafes, restaurants, cinemas, etc.), mobilization of the armed forces to transport the sick, deployment of military field hospitals.

Ukraine is also affected by the coronavirus crisis and had to take necessary measures: closure of borders, confinement, state of emergency situation, restrictions on public transport, suspension of air, railway and road traffic.

During this difficult period, our company BETEN International mobilized to reorganize the work of its two offices, in Vitry-sur-Seine and Kiev, so as to comply with the regulatory measures required in each country.

Therefore, we are able to maintain activities on the most urgent ongoing projects, to follow up on the offers aimed at preparing for the end of the crisis which we hope will be rapid and thus to make it possible to contribute to the recovery of the economy, which will likely to be complicated, but necessary.

For this purpose, we remain available by phone, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype as well as by email (, and all the messengers and emails of our employees). We remain at the disposal of all our clients, old and new.

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